Incentive Programs

T-shirt Incentive Program

Each patient will be given a t-shirt when his or her treatment begins. Patients who wear their t-shirt to regularly scheduled appointments (not to a broken bracket or walk-in appointment) will get the card signed. After 5 visits, the patient will receive a gift card. This program isn't just for kids - it is for adults, too!

Report Card Incentive Program

We do one drawing each nine weeks for $100. The patient must be an A/B student and can email, fax, mail, or hand carry a copy of their report card.

Please submit your report card below:

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Oral Hygiene Incentive Program

With the oral hygiene incentive program, patients in treatment must see their dentist on a regular basis and have the card signed. They turn it in when their treatment is over or when it is filled up for a gift card.

Click here to download the PDF version of the incentive card.